Metaphysical Classes

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Experience an inspiration journey into the Spiritual world using the fast track capabilities of hypnosis for attaining your best and fastest results in these Metaphysical Classes.

Using the Sub Conscious mind through the use of Hypnosis we can connect BY DESIGN to the other side whether it is past lives, between lives or future lives.

This training is offered to anyone wanting to increase their intuitive side and experience the wonders of the Supernatural. These Classes are held throughout the country. We enjoy presenting in Places that have exhibited Energy in the past, Haunted Houses, Inns or perhaps Towns noted for their collective energy.In the past we have found by utilizing the energies of these areas for our classes.Weather you use this for yourself or others this unique training is one of a kind.

We will provide you with Handouts and Scripts to replicate these processes.A Certification in Metaphysical Hypnosis and Training. And credit for the 15 hrs of CEU’s required for the Hypnosis Associations. A total of 20 hours are earned.Classes are held with the following format.

Friday 9-5, Saturday 9-5 and Sunday 9-4 with a special Saturday Night  9-11 presentation from the area that we are in. (We encourage digital cameras to capture the presents of any unique anomalies. With instruction on How to capture Orbs through Photography) $ 595.00 per person with a $100.00 deposit balance 15 days prior to event.

Our next Metaphysical Weekend will be held in Sept. Based on demand  2015 At 200 Waymont Ct.suite 126 Lake Mary, Fl. 32746 Room 11 class is limited on space

Upon Completion you will have the ability to do the following
by design through the use of Hypnosis:

  • Past Life Regression
  • Between Lives
  • Progression (future lives)
  • Astro Projection
  • Automatic Writing
  • Chakra Balancing
  • How to use a Pendulum
  • Alien Encounters
  • Aura Reading

  Learn how to use your Higher Mind (HM) or Super Conscious (SC) to Contact:

  • Your Angels, Guides & Masters
  • Connect with lost loved ones
  • Increasing Physic Awareness
  • Connect to your Healers
  • Helping others Heal
  • Intuitive training
  • Channel for Healing
  • Remote Healing
  • Working with Your Dreams

         Self Hypnosis to help achieve all the above. Metaphysical Classes unlike none you have ever seen.